Juni 15, 2021

The UltraGrime Power Scrub has hit the shelves, and early vibes are exciting. Here’s what some of the first users are saying:

“Simply the Best! There’s everything you need in a wipe here – strength, extra large, durability, and is very handy for a multitude of uses!”

“Love them! The double sided action is great, and also love how big they are.”

“Loved the multiuse and now love the power – they literally clean everything and anything!”

“So handy! Have switched from my usual brand and very happy. Leave my hands nice and soft”

“I love the Multiuse so much I didn’t think it could get any better – then I tried the Power! Unreal cleaning in half the time!”


It’s easy to see why they love it. We haven’t rushed into the market with this product – we’ve been developing it for years. Our goal was simple – we wanted to make sure we came to market with the best grime scrubbing wipe ever. Easier said than done, but eventually it was was done – and it’s going down a storm.