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Decorator’s Pro Tip – Surface Prep

Januar 25, 2022

The UltraGrime range has long been hugely popular with professional decorators – in fact, at one point the Multiuse was dubbed ‚A Decorators Best Friend‘! So here we take a look at why they’re so popular for this trade, how decorators use them, and how you can use them to up your painting game. Find out how to prepare a surface for painting, and what sets the UltraGrime products apart.

First off, let’s look at painting in general. For best results, it’s crucial to make sure the surface you’re about to paint is ready for it. That means it should be free of dust, dirt, loose material and anything that stop the paint from bonding with the surface.

Freshly finished plasterboard walls are often ready to paint straight onto with a primer. It’s definitely worth priming plasterboard first otherwise it will soak up a lot of paint and create unnecessary extra work as it requires more coats. When redecorating though, there can be many different surface issues to sort – grease and dust, holes and cracks, flaky plaster, peeling paint and bits of wallpaper all need to be removed before painting can commence.

For any loose (and not-so-loose) debris, the professional UltraGrime range will change the game – as it has for many decorators. A quick wipe over in the corners or behind removed skirting boards will get rid of cobwebs and loose dirt. For extra tough grime, the Power Scrub wipes have a textured side to really attack that build up. They also have a smooth side which is perfect for a final dust down before painting.


But why do decorators love UltraGrime so much?

What makes them so different to other wipes? Well, one of the reasons they’re so good for surface prep is the fabric they’re made of. The thick cloth fabric makes them super absorbent which means they’re also really handy during the job for mopping up drips or spills.

Combined with their stay-wet technology, the wipes stay wet and usable after more than an hour out of the pack. This is a massive bonus for decorators, and represents a significant cost saving for many.

Check out this video from a professional decorator who relies on UltraGrime on the job: