Juli 9, 2021

Regular users of the UltraGrime range of wipes love them – they’re huge, stay wet for ages, and can tackle the toughest of dirt and grime.

So what goes into the best trade wipes on the market? Take a look at some of the key points our teams consider when creating and producing the next generation of cleaning wipes.

The best quality fabric – a great wipe starts with great fabric. It has to be able to stand up to the toughest scrubbing jobs, and be thick enough to give the user a substantial bit of material to work with. Our technically advanced fabrics are designed to hold heaps of moisture – they won’t dry out for over an hour out of the pack – and they’re super absorbent to soak up spills. Oil, grease, paint and liquids don’t stay around for long when you take an UltraGrime to the job. Our range of quality fabrics includes the 100% Biodegradable, our classic soft Clothwipe Original, and our incredibly popular Scrub&Smooth technology.

Powerful cleaning agent – our unique, specially formulated cleaning agents add a powerful punch to our trade wipes. Our product development team are constantly working on innovative formulas to keep our products at the front of the field. The chemicals we use are dermatologically tested safe for use on skin, and most are 100% biodegradable.

Tough, flexible packaging – keeping these extra big wipes fresh is our heavy duty packaging and quality lid. These packs have an edge over the traditional plastic tubs, as they keep the moisture in – you can leave the lid open for weeks and the wipes will still be wet! Tub wipes are notoriously poor at holding moisture, and you can lose a whole tub by leaving the lid off for just 1 day. What’s more, our trade wipe packs use over 70% less plastic than tubs so create less waste, and the wipes are individually stacked to dispense 1 at a time – with tubs, the wipes are on a perforated roll and users tend to pull out 2 or 3 at a time so they end up using many more wipes than necessary to get the job done. Read our blog on Packs Vs Tubs.

Size matters – our UltraGrime trade wipes are not just big wipes – they’re XXL+ Clothwipes. Measuring in at a huge 38x25cm, each wipe gives you the power to tackle even the biggest clean-up jobs. For those who use wipes regularly, they’re proven to be more efficient and save money on cleaning tasks – partly due to their size, but also all the other factors mentioned above.


Join the movement – stop messing about and start fighting dirty with UltraGrime XXL+ Clothwipes.